Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa (Official Video)

Welcome to Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa

Heaven by the Mountains
Enter the gates of heaven up in the highest peak of the Indochina region, stay inspired by the astonishing landscapes created by Mother Earth surrounded by fresh mountain breeze and the calming sounds of the nearby exuberant forests.

Inspired by the Opulent Past
High ceiling, handcrafted wooden furnishings, grand chandeliers made from gold and bronze hanging eloquently for absolute admiration, the collection of splendid installations and art pieces both classical and modern, and the crisp concoction of shades and colours carries you to a past that was once opulent. A past that defined Sapa as the region for the affluent and wealthy. A past that echoes the untold stories of the first settlers of this promised town.

Details at Its Finest
Walk through the gardens stuffed by a combination of both local and exotic trees the bloom into a shower of scents and magnificence that adapt to the season’s passing, Strolling along the corridors and open-air walkways of Silk Path brings you to a timeless beauty of Sapa’s quaint ambience.

Inspired by the splendour of a French chateau, the resort’s white walls, intricate pieces of art, grand chandeliers, and the delightful mix of vivid colours peppered across each room take you to a journey through time when life was simpler and yet so elegant.


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